How to update firmware on a Globus cluster controller


  • How to update Globus clusters controllers.


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: AF-6710, LS-1000, Data Display
  • Components: Globus cluster controller
  • Control System: DVS Server software, Tight VNC or VNC Viewer


Note: This assumes the firmware is on the computer already.

Note: You will want to restart the display before doing the steps below.

  1. Log into the SBC using VNC or Tight VNC.
  2. Enter the password.
  3. Close all applications that are running (DVS server).
  4. Navigate to C:\DakConfig\Test\RGB_Test-Script. Note: Depending on version of controller this program could be located in Temp folder instead of DakConfig.
  5. Select RGB_Test-Script.
  6. Select Display_Test tab.
  7. Select Test_Display.
  8. Select the cluster you are updating verify it responds correctly.  See below
  9. Once verified close command prompt window.
    Key Terms:
  • DVS= Data Vision Software
  • Globus controller - Cluster controller, both are the same thing

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