How do I create time range aliases in a playlist?


  • How do I create time range aliases in a playlist?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers
  • Product: Venus Control Suite- tools menu 
  • Components: Playlists
  • Control System:

This tool will help you define common times of a day for repeated use in playlists or media scheduling.  Use this if you are often scheduling start and end times for standardized time ranges like: morning range, rush hour range, late night, etc. 


Create/Manage the time range aliases

1. Log in to  Venus® Control Suite and locate main menu panel is on the left side of the screen.

2. Click on the Tools icon from the left side menu and select the Time Range Aliases tile.​

3. Click Add New

4. Fill out the name and time range and Save

For example, you might want an alias called morning time range and set the time for 5:00-10:00am.

Time Range Aliases2.png 

5. Add more time ranges as needed. 

Option 1: Apply the time range aliases to a playlist

1. On the Venus® Control Suite main menu panel, click on the Playlist icon. 




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