How do I update my Scorebook Generator?


  • How do I update my Scorecard Graphics?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces 
  • Product: Scorebook Generator
  • Components: DakStats Baseball
  • Control System: baseball  (Power User, Super System)
stopsign.jpgThe steps outlined, if performed incorrectly, may result in equipment failure. Do not attempt these steps without proper training and understanding of product operation. Consult a Daktronics support technician if you need assistance.


The following packages need to be installed/updated and licensed seasonally. 2020 MLB Packages_Chart Generators.png

Update Procedure

  1. ​Locate and login to the computer(s) where Scorebook Generator will be installed/updated.
  2. Close down any open DakStats and Scorebook Generator programs.
  3. Click on the installer: Dakfiles | DakStats | Scorebook Generator.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Scorebook Generator.
  5. An icon should appear on the desktop. Double-click this icon to open the program.
  6. License the Scorebook Generator (Yearly Renewal)
    1. Highlight and Copy the Lock Code.
    2. Contact technical support and provide the serial number. 
    3. They will verify the license billing/entitlements and send you an license file. 
    4. When the license file is received, save it to a location that is easy to remember, such as “My Documents” or the “Desktop”.
    5. Click Load License, and then locate and open the license file.
    6. Confirm Version.
  7. Verify game information is being received from DakStats.
  8. Repeat the above steps on the computer (if available).

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