How do I update my GameDay Baseball?


  • How do I update my GameDay Baseball?


  • Product Family: Sports Software and Interfaces
  • Product: GameDay Baseball
  • Components:
  • Control System: MiLB, MLB Basic, Power and Super System Users
stopsign.jpgThe steps outlined, if performed incorrectly, may result in equipment failure. Do not attempt these steps without proper training and understanding of product operation. Consult a Daktronics support technician if you need assistance.

 This applies to the following packages: 

2020 MLB Packages_all.png

Update Procedure

  1. ​Locate computer(s) where GameDay Baseball will be updated.

      • Traditionally this will be on the DSTI-P machine. It may also be installed on SWI-P as a backup.
  2. Click on the GameDay exe file: Dakfiles | Sports Products | GameDay.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

  4. Click Finish when done.

  5. An icon should appear on the desktop. Double-click this icon to open the program.

  6. Confirm new version.

    When the GameDay Baseball application is first opened, users must obtain a new software license. The license will need to be generated for a super system, power or basic subscription.  This will enable the appropriate features for the customer. 

License  GamDay Baseball (yearly renewal).

  1. When the application is first opened, users will be prompted to obtain a new software license.

  2. Find the serial number near the top of the registration window.

    1. Contact technical support and provide the license file. 

    2. They will verify the license billing/entitlements and send an unlock code. 

  3. Save the license file to "C:\Program Files\Daktronics\GameDay Baseball" (or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Daktronics\GameDay Baseball" for Windows 7).

The license/unlock varies depending on the MLB / MiLB package that the customer has purchased.   A description of each is listed below: 

    • MLB Basic Package
      • Check Basic Pregame
    • MLB Power Package
      • Check Basic Pregame
      • Check Premium Ingame
    • MLB Super Package
      • Check All 3 Options
    • MiLB Standard or MiLB Basic Package
      • No Checks
    • MiLB Power Package
      • Check Basic Pregame

Verify GameDay

  1. ​Open GameDay Baseball. The software will connect to the Internet and download the information about today’s game.
    • If no game is available, today, change the date under Configuration | Communication | Change Date
    • Ensure that the correct team is selected under Configuration | Team | Team
    • Select the newly created season from step four under Configuration | Communication | Season
  2. Click the Start button and allow the files to be downloaded and converted. If any download fails, try again. 
  3. Once the download is complete, open DakStats. Today’s game(s) will already be created. Open the Play-by-Play game and operate DakStats as normal.
  4. Verify the DSTI application starts with no errors with DakStats having game open.

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