Diagnostics: No Video, Display blank, power cycle the player.

Potential Symptoms

  • Display/Billboard may be blank
  • The content is playing on the main desktop instead of the secondary desktop.
  • The secondary monitor may be intermittently disappearing with the content hopping from one monitor to another. The player software may be restarting as well.

IDM / System Health Event(s)

  • No video alert on the VIP, even though the VIP configuration page sees a connection to a video source. 
    • There may be an old IDM alert for "not receiving video".
  • Not Receiving Video


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Product: System Health, IDM
  • Component: Player monitor output, DMP-8065
  • Control System: Spotchart, DMP-8000, DB-5000, DB-5001

Possible Causes

  • The processor detects that there is no input video signal connected.
  • The processor detects that the video format being received is "0x0x0".
  • The processor detects a loss of sync in its video input.


  • Ensure that the video source is connected and that it is properly pushing content to the video/image processor.

For Temporary Operation

  • Power cycle the DMP Player computer.

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KB ID: DD3755341

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