How do I configure color RTD mapping for DMP-8000 in the HTML web interface


  • How do I configure color RTD Mapping for DMP-8000 in the web interface?


For DMP-8000 versions below 7.25, see: How to configure color RTD mapping for DMP-8000 with Silverlight interface.


1. Log into web interface of the DMP-8000 you will be using for color RTD.

2. Enter the DMP-8000s IP address or DNS name into web browser

  1. From the local machine, you can also enter localhost or
  2. Navigate to the configuration tab (wrench). Then click on RTD.

3. Click Add Mapping (Visual reference below). Fill in source color values from the Venus Value provided in DSTI. 

The source color is the data specified Daktronics RTD color.  This is the Venus value provided from DSTI into the Red, Green, Blue fields for the color you will be changing the RTD information from. 


4. On the right, select the target color you want to be designed for Color RTD. Select a value or type in the hex value in the box provided, adding FF to the beginning to account for the transparency values.

5. Once finished with all source mapping, save the configuration.

Note: You can not have duplicate source colors, but you can have duplicate target colors.



For help setting up the DMP-7000 or Show Control for Color RTD, see How to Setup Color RTD in DSTI and Show Control?, DD3084380 and How to setup and use Color RTD in DSTI and Venus 7000, DD2214243.

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