Deleted content still playing on sign; Duplicate slide or presentation in schedule

Potential Symptoms

  • Content that was deleted from the Media Library and/or removed from a playlist is still playing on the display.
  • There are messages running on my sign that I removed out of their playlist and deleted out of Media Library in Venus Control Suite.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: GS6, Galaxy, GalaxyPro, GPX, DVN, DVX, DVNMC
  • Component: Content scheduling
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite - Daktronics Hosted,


  • Duplicate slide in multiple presentations OR duplicate presentation in multiple playlists..


  • Remove duplicates from schedule.
    • To find duplicate Slides in multiple presentations:
      1. Log into Venus Control Suite.
      2. Click on the Media Tab to view the Media Library.
      3. Click on each thumbnail for Web Presentations and Content Studio Presentations.
      4. Click on the Pencil Icon on the top left corner of the preview window.
      5. Look for duplicate.
        • For Web Presentations, look on the right side of the Web Compositor under the Slides column.
        • For Content Studio Presentations, look on the bottom in the Layout Storyboard.
      6. Delete duplicate.
        • For Web Presentations, click on the Trashcan Icon to the right of the duplicate's thumbnail.
        • For Content Studio Presentations, right-click the duplicate layout and then click Delete Layout.
      7. Click Save.
    • To find duplicate presentations in multiple Playlists:
      1. Log into Venus Control Suite.
      2. Click on the Playlist Tab to view Playlists.
      3. Click on each Playlist to open it and view the Playlist Files in it.
      4. Check each playlist to see if they include the same presentation(s) more than once.  Make sure no presentation(s) are included in more than one playlist.
      5. If duplicate presentation is located, click on Edit under Playlist Files.
      6. Click on the 'X' to the right of the duplicate's thumbnail under Playlist Files to remove it from the Playlist.
      7. Click Save.

KB ID: DD3668066

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