How do I view my 6000 sources through the imaging service?


  • How to troubleshoot sources via the imaging service for a 6000?
  • How do I view my input?
  • How do I see what the cards are transmitting?
  • How do I see what is going out to my display? ​


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: 6000 Series Processor version 7-9.2
  • Component: imaging service
  • Control System:

The imaging service is a tool used to verify sources within the 6000 processor.  It is a helpful resource when configuring​​ or troubleshooting. ​​

For version 11 and later, the imaging service is in the user interface.  See: How to I view my 6000 sources through the imaging service in the user interface?​


  1. Log into the 6000 service imaging. The address is http://{name of box or ip}/daktronics/imaging/2.0/source_list
  2. The web page will allow you to select any source in any point in the system.  Click on a source to view what is being captured.  Click F5 to refresh. 
Here is an example of the sources you will find listed on the imaging service page: 

Note: there is a 2:1 downscale for captured images. 

KB ID: DD3653634

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