Troubleshooting steps for an AF-6710 display


  • How do I troubleshoot an unresponsive AF-6710?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: Dak Ireland AF-6710 data display
  • Components: SBC, ILCS2 Image controller, Globus Cluster controller, PSU, Module
  • Control System: DVS software


  1. Ensure the video cable is secure from the SBC to the Image controller. Check that the power connections to the image controller are secure and providing proper voltage.
  2. Check the Ethernet cables between the image controller and the cluster controller(s). Ensure the cluster controllers are powered. Ensure the Ethernet cables on the cluster controllers are connected.
  3. Check each ribbon cable from the cluster controllers to the LED boards (modules). Check both the input and output cables. Check that the LED boards are receiving power.
  4. It is possible for a faulty LED board to disrupt the data signal. Try removing each board one by one and note any change in behavior.
  5. When checking LED boards, unseat the ribbon cable and reset it. Check that the cable is oriented correctly in the connector (Even though the cable is keyed for the connector, it possible with enough force to push the cable in backwards.)
  6. If an LED board seems to be faulty, try swapping it with a good board. You want to see if the issue follows the board in question, in which case you can conclude it’s the board.
  7. Use a meter to check the voltage of the power supplies. The proper voltage is written on a label on the PSU to check against.
  8. If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact tech support at 1-800-833-3157.
  9. Take pictures of the internal components and connections for reference.
  • Key Terms:
  • SBC= Single Board Computer
  • PSU= Power Supply Unit
  • DVS= Data Vision Software
  • Module= LED board
  • Image controller - ILCS2 controller, both are the same thing
  • Globus controller - Cluster controller, both are the same thing

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