Standard Video; How to Edit Custom Headshot Templates in Content Studio


  • How do I edit a headshot template with a custom background?
  • How do I edit the headshot template that was given to me by Daktronics Creative Services?


  • Content Studio
  • Standard Video
    • DMP-8000
  • Creative Services Custom Content


  1. Open Content Studio.
  2. Create a new presentation.
    1. Click the blue box in the upper left corner and select new.
    2. Click display and select the size zone you want for  the presentation.
  3. Import the static or animated background that you will use in the headshot.
    1. Click Media Item > Picture if it is a static file, or Media Item > Video if it is an animated file. 
    2. Browse to the file you wish to use. The background will be provided by Daktronics or you can use your own background.
    3. Once you have the correct file selected, click Import.  The video will import as a layer in Content Studio.
      Click Improt.png
  4. Add your player headshot picture.

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