How to export a config file from a VFC using a flash drive


  • How do I save the configuration of my VFC controller to a flash drive?


  • Product Family:  Transportation
  • Product:   Vanguard Display
  • Component:  VFC, Display, Flash drive
  • Control System: 


  1. Connect the USB drive (recommend Kingston memory stick USB drive) to the back of the VFC controller J3.
  2. Log into the VFC by pressing any key to get to the login prompt.
  3. Enter the password and press enter.
  4. Select Shared
  5. Select Backup
  6. Select Export
  7. Select Config Only
  8. Select Confirm
  9. Wait for the status to change to Success.
  10. The config file saved will be vfc_config.pb.bin
  11. The File can be import to another VFC & display with the same configuration setup. Meaning the size of the display & internal components are the exact same.

KB ID: DD3634259

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