Can the Cash/Credit digital displays be changed to display something else?


  • Can I change what the digital Cash/Credit/Debit readout shows?
  • Can I add another option to the rotation?
  • My cash credit is showing the wrong word.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: FL-3000
  • Component: Cash / Credit / Debit Displays
  • Control System:


  • Cash/Credit/Debit displays come programmed from us and can not be changed in the field. (ie: If you ordered the display with the 3 main options "cash/credit/debit" you cannot change the name of one in the field.)
  • Would need to order a new display pre-programmed from Daktronics.

Needing to know how to use your current options, see: How to setup cash/credit/debit options using key fob for FL-3000/4500 displays DD2825531

    KB ID: DD3605521

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