Communication drops when publishing content to AF-3500 in Venus 1500 v4


  • When attempting to publish in Venus 1500 v4 communication is lost and receive Venus alert error "Unable to communicate with the display."
  • Display has older firmware (3.10.1 or 3.10.2). 
  • M2Config settings are all correct.
  • No presentations listed under running or stored in Venus 1500 v4.


  • AF-3500
  • Venus 1500 v4.22


  • Corrupt or fragmented messages in the display memory.


  1. Clear the display's memory. How to perform a memory reset using the M2Config utility? DD2347391.
  2. Run memory de-fragmentation. How to perform a memory cleanup or defrag of the display memory using V4? DD3002301.
  3. Re-publish content to the display.

KB ID: DD3589588

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