How to Add a DMP to Display Studio (Primary and Backup)?


  • How do I add primary and backup digital media players (DMPs) into Display Studio?


  • Product Family: Display Studio Software and Show Control
  • Product: Show Control, DMP-8000 
  • Components: Players
  • Control System: Show Control System


  1. Make sure all show control user stations have Display Studio and Content Studio closed prior to any changes made. Display Studio should only be opened on the Server Station.
  2. On the Show Control server station, select the Display Studio Icon on top left corner and select properties which will give you an option to choose service configuration.
  3. In the Service Configuration Window, in the top right, there is a box/field where you can type in the DMP name or IP address of any computer in the system.
  4. Start with the primary DMP first (Daktronics recommends adding DMPs by computer name), once typed, select check and the system will search for the computer.
  5. Once the computer is found, you will then select Add. Once added, you will see it in the list of computers below.
  6. To add the backup DMP to the system, repeat step 3-5, but do not select add when the backup computer is found.
  7. There is a drop down arrow next to the add button. Select it and it will give you an option to add it as a backup to the primary computer you added first.
  8. Once all DMPs and Computers have been added, you can use the Service Configuration window to toggle between active and inactive for each set of displays by clicking the check box located to each respective player. Only one computer can be active at a time.


KB ID: DD3577327

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