Cannot change VIP-5160 input. Invalid characters in VIP description name.


  • Unable to save changes to the Input on VIP-5160s that use the new HTML5 UI.
  • Save button is grayed out.
  • Next to Identification there is a red dot.
  • Under Identification, the Description is highlighted and reads "Description contains invalid characters.".


  • VIP-5x60 HTML5 UI
  • Firmware: 2016.09.30-B1688


  • Invalid characters in the VIP description name preventing changes from being saved.


  • Update to the latest VIP firmware.

Work Around

Either one of the following can be done:

  1. Remove invalid characters from description name (!@#$%^&*()).
  2. Access the old VIP UI to make changes, How do I access the legacy (Silverlight) interface? DD3533165.

KB ID: DD3560355

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