Jagged edges show on edge of video window on HD display


  • A video/overlay window shows jagged edges
  • Issue can be seen on the display or on monitor of VIP-4060
  • Issue does not show on Venus 7000 output monitor
  • stanford.png


  • Product Family: Video Processor
  • Product: VLink-4400, VIP-4400, HD Display
  • Components: Windowed Area, Overlayed Mode
  • Control System: DMP-7000


  • With an HD display, pixel placement is not exact. When a left WA value of an odd number exists, 7000 cannot place that pixel in an exact spot resulting in the jagged edges that is seen on the display itself. 

Resolution​- Options:

  1. Adjust the left WA (Windowed Area) to an even number
  2. Create a 1 pixel border around the overlay color

KB ID: DD3549205

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