Hardwired scoreboard blank, No signal to driver through field wiring

Potential Symptoms

  • Scoreboard is blank but has good signal voltage out of the console and scoreboard does show Power On Self Test (POST) on boot up.
  • No signal to scoreboard through field wiring but able to get signal if connect console directly at scoreboard, bypassing the field wiring (Either at Signal In (J31 or on Signal surge card).


  • Product Family: Scoreboard
  • Product: Hardwired scoreboard, indoor or outdoor
  • Component: Field Wiring
  • Control System: All Sport 5000 Console, All Sport 1600 console


  • Loss of signal (open) in field wiring between J-box and scoreboard.


  • Find the open and restore continuity of the field wiring. 
    • Fix the break in the wiring.

KB ID: DD3547650

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