Galaxy VIP online but DMP offline in Venus Control Suite, VIP assigned invalid DNS servers

Potential Symptoms

  • GS6/GT6 display shows the VIP Online but DMP is offline in the Venus Control Suite (VCS) Dashboard.
  • Can ping the DMP from the VIP using network tools.
  • VIP has manually set DNS servers. Alternative DNS may be or another public server.
  • Primary DNS may be set to the network's gateway but the network uses an alternative IP for it's DNS hosting (e.g. Gateway is but DNS is hosted on


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: GS6, GT6
  • Component: DMP-8050, DMP-8065.2, DMP-5050, DMP-5060
  • Control System: VCS


  • Address set to Primary DNS on the VIP is not a DNS server.


  • Change Primary DNS on the VIP to the correct DNS server IP address.
    • If the correct DNS server address is not known, you can set a public server as the Primary DNS or set the DNS settings to Obtain Automatically on the VIP. Depending on the End User's network it may not automatically locate one.

KB ID: DD3544794

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