Standard Video Tips and Tricks


  • How do I operate the Launchpad provided with my system?
  • How do I operate the TimeWarp provided with my system?
  • How should I startup/shutdown my system?
  • Are there any resources for more advanced TriCaster functions?


  • DMP-8000
  • TriCaster 460 or TriCaster 8000
  • TimeWarp Replay Console

Tips and Tricks

For resources regarding operation of your standard video system, see the following links:

Support Documents

Support Videos

For resources regarding advanced functions of your TriCaster such as streaming, network inputs, and using a mix effects bus, see the following link:

For more information regarding the operation of your Daktronics Show Control system see the video below.

Introduction to Show Control



For links to additional videos about Daktronics systems click on the playlists below.

Standard Video w/ DMP-8000

Standard Video 



Content Studio

Content Studio 

Display Studio

Display Studio




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