Tissot Shot Clocks Work Instructions for Installing Daktronics Clear Transparent Shot Clock Horn


  • How to install the Daktronics transparent/clear Shot Clock Horn to a stanchion with TISSOT Shot Clock.
  • It h​as been decided to mount the Daktronics horn on the side of the stanchion under the small clock at the back of the stanchion as shown in the picture.


  • Product Family: Shot Clock
  • Product: Daktronics ​Horn 0A-1322-0015​, TISSOT Shot Clocks
  • Component: 
  • Control System: NBA Arenas


  1. Verify the facility has TISSOT high voltage relay box.  This box will be between the Tissot stanchion box and Tissot's 120V buzzer.​
  2. Disconnect the current TISSOT buzzer and remove from it’s current location.
  3. Route the current TISSOT horn power cable to the new location.
  4. Locate the Daktronics Horn Assemblies.
  5. Remove the 8 screws and open up the horn enclosure
    1. Step 4.jpg​​​​
  6. Using a pliers pinch the strain relief to remove the cable from the back of the enclosure. Also remove ground wire from the ground terminal.
    1. Step 5.jpg
  7. Using the strain relief from the cable removed from the Daktronics horn enclosure secure the TISSOT horn power cable into the back of the Daktronics horn enclosure. This cable is smaller in diameter so using black electrical tape wrap the end of the cable approximately 20 times at the point where the strain relief will grip the cable.
  8. Connect the Green ground wire to the ground terminal.
  9. Cut the terminal off the power wires and strip the insulation back about an inch.
    1. Step 8.jpg
  10. Cut the wires going into the 2 pin connector on the Daktronics horn and then strip the black and white wires back about an inch.
    1. Step 9.jpg
  11. Wire nut the horn wires to the power wires coming into the enclosure. Black to black and white to white. Using electrical tape wrap the wire nuts for added security that will avoid the wire nuts from loosening up.
    1. Step 10.jpg
  12. Re-assemble the horn enclosure with the 8 screws removed earlier.
  13. Mount the horn in the location shown above: ​
    1. Place horn in​ desired location with approximately a​ 20 degree downward slope.
      1. ​Make sure you mount the horn at least 1” above the bottom of the stanchion in order to give enough clearance for the pads when the stanchion is down. ​
    2. Mark mounting holes through the holes provided in the mounting bracket on the horn enclosure. 
    3. Using a ¼ - 20 Drill and tap bit drill two mounting holes at the marked locations​. 
      1. If desired self tapping screws could be used here as well but this approach would allow for a more secure mount. 
    4. Using corresponding bolts secure the horn to the stanchion. 
      1. Depending on the hardware used you will more than likely need to enlarge the holes on the horn enclosure mounting bracket to accommodate the necessary hole size. ​
      Step 12 4.jpg Step 12 4-001.jpg Step 12 4-002.jpg
  14. ​Secure cable accordingly to the stanchion.
  15. Connect the horn power cable as before and test horn using the TISSOT entry terminal.

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