Replacing Logic Card in Data Display Sign


  • What is needed to be done to swap out a bad Logic 2001 or 2000 in a Data Display Box-Office, Lobby or Auditorium Sign.


  • Product: DAK Ireland/ Data Display Legacy
  • Component: Logic 2001
  • Control System: DVS


  1. First step when Logic card arrives on site is to open the sign and locate the bad logic card being swapped out.
  2. Before taking out original logic card make sure you match all Dip Switches and jumpers on the new card being installed.
  3. Once everything matches you can disconnect the power to the logic card.
  4. Next disconnect the ribbon cable and the data wires going into the terminal block on the bottom right hand side of the logic card.
  5. Unscrew the 4 nuts holding the Logic in place and pop the logic card out and install the new one.
  6. Once new Logic is secured in the sign you can begin to hook up the Ribbon Cable and Data Wiring.
  7. Once everything is hooked up you can put the power to the logic card.
    1. On power up some times these logics hold memory from testing so you may need to run a Power Up Sequence in software to refresh the sign and push the information.
    2. To do this open CinSDS32. Go to Configuration-Setup-Power Up Sequence at the very bottom.
    3. Click okay and you will see the icon in software go from yellow to blue back to yellow. Once yellow again the message has successfully been sent to the sign.

KB ID: DD3501129

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