How can I check what firmware my M2 or M3 controlled Galaxy display is running, using M2config Software Utility?


  • How can I check what firmware my M2 or M3 controlled Galaxy display is running?


  • M2config Software Utility
  • M2 controlled Galaxy displays
  • M3 controlled Galaxy displays


  1. You will need to download and install M2config Software Utility, follow: How do I download & install the M2Config Utility on my computer? - DD2059662.
  2. Connect to the display by following: How do I connect to my Galaxy display using the M2Config Utility? - DD2342713.
  3. Once connected select the Status tab at the top.
  4. Under the status tab there is Firmware Version information under the VERSION: heading.
    • M3 controlled displays utilize Firmware DD1425608.exe (used with Venus software packages) or DD1523458.exe (GNet used with Visiconn)
    • M2 controlled displays utilize Firmware ED13305.exe


KB ID: DD3493287

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