When base stations set in a RC-100 server/client setup, the client remains blank but server works fine.


  • No data will display on the client DOG clock.
  • Swapping server/client setting on base stations results in a blank client DOG clock.
  • Server base station works as expected.
  • TI-20xx with base station set to client mode will not display any data.
  • In Range LED on client base station never turns on.


  • Product Family: Sports Product, Timing
  • Component: RC-100 Base Station set to client mode w/ 3.7 firmware, DOG Clocks in server/client configuration
  • Control System: RC-100


  • RC-100 Base Station(s) not working correctly in Client mode.


For a visual of the setup please reference DWG-317837 on pdf page 89 of the RC-100 Operation Manual, ED-15133.

Work Around

  • Use an RC-100 Base Station with firmware version 3.6.

KB ID: DD3422510

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