Playlist not appearing on sign after being scheduled, Display not associated


  • A playlist is not playing on the sign, but may be playing content from other playlists.
  • Media file is uploaded to Venus Control Suite and added to a new playlist, but it is not running on the sign.
  • Playlist may be playing on other displays without issue.
  • Display is blank and showing "No Content" in Venus Control Suite, but is showing as connected and has a playlist with media files in it.
  • Playlist may shows "0 Displays" in red.

               5-13-2016 3-44-46 PM.png


  • Venus Prime
  • Venus Pro
  • Venus Elite


  • The playlist is not associated to the display.


  • Associate playlist with the appropriate display.
    1. From Venus Control Suite menu, select Playlists.
    2. Double-Click on playlist that is not running and shows red "0 Displays."
    3. Click on Edit under Displays.
    4. Select appropriate display(s) with a checkmark.
    5. Click Save and the playlist will be sent to the display within 1-2 minutes.
    6. Click Back to open the listing of all playlists again.  Now the red "0 Displays" should show the number of displays the playlist is associated with and no longer appear the color red.

KB ID: DD3360174

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