Venus Control Suite (VCS) uploading new content incorrectly; Web Presentation formatting issue.

Potential Symptoms

  • Uploads of new content take longer than usual, or do not finish at all.
  • Sign is blanking intermittently.
  • Display is not showing newly added or edited content, but old content is still showing, even when the playlist containing old content has been removed, and both the DMP and VIP players are online.
  • Text is missing or cut off.
  • Web presentation containing text with a background graphic, plays in the Venus Control Suite dashboard - but on the sign will only show the text and/or the background, with the graphic missing.
5-11-2016 4-56-13 PM.jpg 


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: GS6, AF-3550 with VCS Bridge, Web Presentation
  • Component: DMP-5000, DMP-8000, VIP-5150, VCS Bridge
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted


    • Content has overlapping layers, or formatting marks outside the grey formatting frame in Web Presentation.
      • When creating the content, the text box or image is outside of the boundaries of the layout, causing the controller to leave that component out completely.


    5-12-2016 8-50-11 AM.jpg 


    • Modify the layout to ensure the image or text box border is completely within the boundaries of the grey formatting frame, and do not overlap text boxes or images, or their green formatting marks.
      • If issue persists, recreate content within Venus Control Suite using Web Presentation.

    5-12-2016 8-50-35 AM.jpg 

    *If your content was created in Content Studio, please see article: Venus 1500, Message does not play on the display or blank spot in presentation, DD2393901.

    KB ID: DD3357845

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