Common Nano Editor Commands for DI-6000


  • What are some common nano editor commands for DI-6000 dimming configuration?


  • Product Family: Display Interface
  • Product: DI-6000
  • Components:  Nano Editor
  • Control System:


Nano is a text editor that uses a command line interface. This is not a Daktronics-created application. If you have questions not covered in this article, refer to the website GNU nano homepage.

Use the arrow keys to navigate in the editor. Commands for common functions are listed at the bottom of the screen.


Basic nano commands

Cut Text (CTRL + K) - cuts current line and places it on the clipboard
UnCut Text (CTRL + U) - pastes line from clipboard
WriteOut (CTRL + O) - saves file
Exit (CTRL + X) - exits program
To move a line, type CTRL + K, navigate the cursor to new location and then type CTRL + U.
To delete an entire file, type CTRL + K until the file is empty.


After making changes and saving the file, additional messages and new available commands are listed at the bottom of the screen. The image below is an example of a message when saving a file.


To exit without saving changes, type CTRL + X and then type N for No at the prompt: Save modified buffer (ANSWERING "No" WILL DESTROY CHANGES)? The changes are not saved and the exit is instantaneous.

To cancel the exit and re-enter nano, type CTRL + C.



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