How to confirm data is being received through Data Server?


  • How to confirm data is being received through Data Server?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: MLB StatCast Interface, MLB RTD to XML Value Package, XML Interfaces
  • Components: Data Server/Studio 
  • Control System: 


Data Server is used as the interface to receive data from MLB StatCast and TrackMan. MLB RTD to XML Value Pack is also hosed by Data Server.  

Follow the steps below to verify information is updating in Data Server: 

  1. On computer with Data Server, navigate to the Event Viewer under Applications and Services Log -> Daktronics
    1. When the Daktronics Fusion service starts, it will log that a connection is made to the MLB Server.
    2. When data is being received, that data will update in event viewer.  

​​The example below shows the event viewer updating for StatCast data.  ​The same concept would apply for TrackMan and MLB to XML Value Pack data. 


KB ID: DD3346522

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