How do I update locally hosted Venus Control Suite?


  • How do I update locally hosted Venus Control Suite?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers
  • Product: Venus Control Suite
  • Components: 
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite Locally Hosted



  • The local installer will install a "Lite" version of Data Server. If Data Server on the local machine is older than version 3.7, an uninstall of Data Server needs to be done before updating Venus.  Data Server version can be checked through Program and Features. The uninstall will not delete or change any Data Server configuration or setup. Once the uninstall is complete, you will also need to delete all of the dll files from the C:\ProgramData\Daktronics\Data Server\Plug-ins folder before installing the new VCS. See DD3339470, Unable to log into locally hosted Venus Control Suite after update
  1. Obtain the current release of Venus software and transfer it to the computer needing to be updated.
  2. Run the installer (as administrator) and click through the installation prompts as applicable.
  3. Reboot if required. 

KB ID: DD3339385

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