How to download content from Visiconn.


  • How do I download a display's content/schedule from Visiconn?
  • How do I download currently scheduled content from my display in Visiconn?
  • How do I download content out of Visiconn?
  • Can I download my creative content out of the Visiconn software?


  • Visiconn


Option 1:  Download All Scheduled Content from Display Player.

  1. Log into your Display Owner Account in Visiconn.
  2. Hover over Administration in the main menu and click on Displays.
  3. Find the Display Name that you need to download the content from and click Download under the Content column.
  4. Click Save As and browse to an easy to remember location on the computer.
    • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, we recommend saving to your desktop.
    • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, it will automatically be saved in your Downloads folder.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The file format will be a .vsf extension and can be loaded directly to ValoPlay displays using Valo sync.  For other controllers (e.g. V-Links, VIP-4060s, VIP-5060s), rename the .vsf extension to .zip to create a zipped folder.
    • The .vsf file can be reconfigured to be extracted by right clicking on the name of the file and changing the file extension from .vsf to .zip.  Once the name has been changed, you should be able to open it with any of the common zip file utilities.
  7. Right-click on the saved file and select 7-zip -> Extract Here.
  8. The content is now downloaded onto the computer and can be found in the Documents and Settings folder on your desktop.

Option 2:  Download Folder(s) and/or File(s) from Visiconn Library.

  1. Log into Visiconn.
  2. Switch to the Account you need to download content from if it is not in your Display Owner Account.
  3. Hover over Media in the main menu and click on Media Library.
  4. Place a checkmark next to the Folder(s) and/or the File(s) you need to download.
    • Check marking a folder will allow you to download all the content in the folder at once.  This is helpful if you have your folders organized by your advertiser names.
    • Check marking individual files allows you to download only the files you want/need.  This is helpful if you have a lot of content you don't use anymore to search through.
  5. Click on the Gear button and click the Download link.
  6. Click Save As and browse to an easy to remember location on the computer.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The content is now download and can be found at the location you chose on your computer.

KB ID: DD3330403

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