VIP4060 Image looses sync and freezes after a random period of time on L/R Split display


  • After a random interval of time, the VIP4060's on a Left/Right Split display will freeze and show a distorted slanted image.
  • Both the Primary 4060 and Redundant 4060 will exhibit the same problem at the same time.
  • Randomly occurs to either the left or right half with no preference shown for a particular side.



  • VIP-4060 primary/redundant pair with 1.11.5 or 1.11.6 firmware
  • VIP-4500 firmware rev 2012.12.0.13
  • Left / Right split display with external VIP-4400 sync generator.


  • VIP-4500 processors running older firmware may occasionally send V-Max frames with data that confuses the VIP-4060s and causes them to lock up.


  • Update firmware on VIP-4500s to version 2015.03.0.00 (Note: This will disable the analog video inputs on the VIP4500)
  • Remove external sync generator source from the VIP 4500s and allow one processor to sync the other using method 1 shown in DD2069103.


KB ID: DD3325852

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