What does the color orbs indicate in Display Studio's monitor wall?


  • What do the orbs in the upper right corner and timer or infinity symbol indicate on the monitor wall in Display Studio?



  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Display Studio 
  • Components: monitor wall
  • Control System: Show Control


  • Green orbs indicate continuous play for a file
  • Blue orbs indicate single or number of times play
  • White means nothing is playing.
  • Countdown clock will only be there when file is set to play certain number of times.
  • Infinity Symbol will show in place of timer when content plays continuously (will always show this on primary zones as layout file plays continuously).
  • Note: When a DMP-8000 plays something by default after boot up (e.g. its layout vmpl), the orb will likely show blue.

KB ID: DD3325070

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