How to run and operate the DisplayPort tool for the DI-6000 via command lines


  • How do I run and operate the DisplayPort tool for the DI-6000 via command lines?
  • This tool enables service technicians to export the EDID file, verify configuration, and verify received signal status.


  • Product Family: Display Interface
  • Product: DI-6000
  • Components:  DP tool
  • Control System:


  1.  Log in to the DI-6000 using Putty.
    NOTE: Please reference How to log into DI-6000 using PuTTY, DD3282244 on procedure to log in.
  2. From the command line, type: dptool rx get sts cardid=1
    To watch an auto updating refresh type: watch -c -d -n 1 dptool rx get sts cardid=1
  3. The main things to look for are "Link: good" and "Video received" at the very bottom. If the link

    is not good, the lines above (in the Main Link Status) will show which lanes didn’t train.

    • A good example will look something like this:
      dptool good example.png​​
  4. Confirm resolution is being received​​​ properly by confirming the Main Video
    dptool resolution.png
  5. TheDisplayPort ConfigurationData(DPCD) shows connection speed and power state
    dptool DPCD.png 
    • Make sure the link rate and lane count are as expected (1.62 is current max link rate on DI-6000). 
    • Power State should be D0 for normal oper​ation. D3, which is Suspend/Standby mode. 
  6. Here is an example status of a ​bad link
    • If the cable is not plugged in (or the transmitter is off and/or not transmitting anything), the

      status will report like this:

      dptool bad.png 

KB ID: DD3314918

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