Time and Temp Client Display Blank, Surge Card Not Outputting Correct Signal Voltage

Potential Symptoms

  • Display is blank, but there is proper DC voltage to driver board.
  • Display may show E4 but unable to communicate, LED test fails.
  • Getting proper signal voltage up to surge card on wires disconnected but surge card is not outputting correct signal voltage to driver board.
    • Or getting an incorrect input signal voltage measurement while wire is connected to the surge card.
  • When surge card is bypassed display operates properly.


  • Product Family: Digit and Price Displays
  • Product: Time and Temp, DF-1010, DF-1011, DF-1012
  • Component: Surge Card
  • Control System: DM-100


  • Failed surge card.


  • Replace surge card.
    • NOTE: Do not leave surge card bypassed or else damage may be caused to display if a surge was to occur, resulting in customer responsibility of part replacement for driver board.

KB ID: DD3279056

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