How do I connect electrical to a L Series or J Series display?


  • How to connect electrical to a L Series or J Series Display?


  • Product Family: Gold Series Displays
  • Product: L Series, J Series
  • Component:
  • Control System:

Do First

How to Install Sections of a L Series or J Series Display?


1.  Become familiar with the electrical cabinet components. L16 cabinet is shown, J10 cabinet is similar.

J and L Series Electrical Figure 1.png 

 Figure 1: Electrical components of a L and J series display.

2.  Doors are opened via 2 latches per door, and the latches are accessed with a proprietary key(included with project).  See below for details of the key and doors. 

key 1.jpgkey 2.jpgCabinet closed.png

 3.  Verify the grounds. Two of the grounds are on the door and the own two are inside the shell bottom perimeter.  See Figure 2. J and L Series Electrical Figure 2.png

Figure 2: GND-Door and GND-Shell

4.  Verify the ribbon cable connections.  For each panel, there will be at least one receiver card/ hub board.  The receiver card (RC) is connected to a hub board, and should be mounted inside a door.  From the hub card, a 16 pin ribbon cable connects to the first module of each row.  The modules in each row should also be connected via the 16 pin ribbon cable. The ribbon cable is show in Figure 3

20151217_154534.jpg 20151218_142234.jpg

Figure 3: The receiver card (RC) with hub board connects to the first module of each row via ribbon cables.

3 Options for AC Wiring

For 220V systems, up to 4 cabinets can be connected together in parallel for a 20A. Shown below are 3 possible ways of configuring the cabinets for AC wiring. Other configurations are possible as long as the limit of 4 cabinets on one circuit is not exceeded. AC wiring can be brought into the cabinet via the square openings along lower area of cabinet (Option A), or drill a hole for conduit (Option B), depending on local codes. Customer/installer is responsible for following proper local electrical codes. See figure below for installation area.

J and L Series Electrical Figure 3.png 

Figure 4: AC wiring into the cabinet

AC power cabling between cabinets is provided.  Cable from main distribution panel to cabinets is responsibility of Customer/Installer.J and L Series Electrical Figure 4.png

Figure 5(a): Option 1, 2x2 configuration above

J and L Series Electrical Figure 5.png 

Figure 5 (b): Option 2, 4x1 vertical configuration aboveJ and L Series Electrical Figure 6.png

Figure 5(c): Option 3, 1x4 horizontal configuration above

1.  ​Route the power cable from main power distribution (MD) to the term block (TB) inside the cabinet

a.  Lock 12 AWG/4.0 mm2 Ground wire to GND-Shell bolt. (GND bolt on shell), (Refer to step 3 move original screw from GND bolt on shell and then install Ground wire with ring term or use ground lug (not supplied), install and tighten original screw.)

b.  Insert 12 AWG/4.0 mm2 Neutral wire to Blue TB;

c.  Insert 12 AWG/4.0 mm2 Line wire to Gray TB.

Note: This step needs to be done on project site.

J and L Series Electrical Figure 6a.pngFigure 6: Term Block (TB)

2.  Below shows TB (spring term block) installation step,

a. Prepare one straight screw driver of no more than 3.5mm;

b. Insert and put force screw driver to bottom of TB rectangle hole, meanwhile insert 10mm-stripped wire to circle hole;

c. Pull out screw drive.

J and L Series Electrical Figure 7.png 


Do Next:  

  1. Configure the sender box
  2. Set up a multifunction card
  3. Add a Light Sensor
  4. Configure the Monitoring Card (if included)
  5. How to display a test pattern for in NovaStar for J Series and L Series Displays?

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