Driver Board randomly freezes, resetting AC power resolves the issue temporarily


  • Driver seems to lock-up, freeze, or otherwise blank the outputs randomly. Cycling the AC power solves the problem, but the issue comes back within a few days.
  • Amber Status LED on the driver is not flashing with a regular heartbeat.


  • 0P-1150-0126 16 Column Driver
  • All Sport 3000
  • All Sport 5000


  • AC Wiring fault. The hot and neutral connections are reversed prior to the point where they enter the display.


  • Using a digital multi-meter, check the AC voltage between the Neutral (white wire) terminal of the power entrance cable and the ground (green wire) of the display. A normal reading would be very close to 0 Volts. If you obtain a reading of approximately 120 Volts, the problem has been verified.


  • Contact a licensed electrician to inspect the building wiring up to the display for any hot/neutral reversals.

A hot/neutral reversal can be an electrocution hazard. If possible, disconnect power to the affected display until the fault can be corrected.

KB ID: DD3246496

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