How do I backup setting for a DMP-8000


  • How do I backup setting for a DMP-8000?


  • DMP-8000 V7.x


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: DMP-8000 versions 7- 7.27
  • Components:
  • Control System:


For DMP-8000, DMP-5000 Versions 7.28 or later, See: How do I update DMP controller firmware?


Backup  Configuration

  1. Log into the DMP-8000 webpage
  2. Following a successful login, the Backup Display Configuration and Load Display Configuration Backup buttons appear in the left column beneath the Communication Settings button. This control clones the configuration files and translation table. 
  3. Click the Backup display configuration icon. The Save As window opens as shown.
  4. Choose the Save In storage location.

    • Recommended default: C:\Tools

  5. Type the name of the file being saved into the File Name text box.

    • Recommended default: Cxxxxxx - CPU## ComputerName (example: C12345 - CPU12 Fascia-B

  6. Click Save.

  7. For the DMP-8000 computer, copy any .layout files saved in C:\ProgramData\Daktronics\Vnet4\Content and include them in the ZIP file.

    1. Starting in version 8.11 of DMP-8000, the layout file information is automatically included in the backup zip created through the webpage

Note: This process does NOT include audio enabled/disable setting (saved in Primary.ini file), any custom or modified .DSRC or .DID files or any custom fonts. If knowledge of any of these custom files exists, they can also be included in the ZIP file. There is no need to copy all DSRC, DID files or fonts into the ZIP folder.  When backing up the .DSRC Files, please consider the information contained in DMP8000 DSRC files are no longer stored in the player's content folder, DD3177198.

KB ID: DD3181584

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