How to determine if you have a wiring problem or a translation table problem in a display


  • How can I determine if the scrambled mod content on a display is a result of a wiring problem or a translation table issue?


  • DVN, DVNMC, and DVX series Displays


  1. Open V-Tour in DCU mode. See DD2247836.
  2. Obtain the translation table being used on the VIP4060 or VIP5x60 from the project site or standard order file share on Dak3024. (You can also pull the translation table from the VIP directly by backing up the display configuration.)
  3. From the DCU file menu, select "Open Wiring", then open the translation table .hex file
  4. Compare the diagram shown in V-Tour against the signal interconnect drawing(s) for your display. Pay careful attention to the fact that V-Tour shows you a front view of the display and your drawing may or may not show a rear view.
    • Are the number of cabinets and their layout the same in both diagrams?
    • Do the A and B port signal paths for all controllers, PLRs, and cabinets match?

An answer of NO to either question above indicates there is a problem with the translation table.

An answer of YES to both questions above indicates a wiring issue in the display.



Shown is an example of a display with an incorrect translation table loaded on the controller:



Notice there are no A to A, or B to B interconnects on the lower cabinets.



V-TOUR - FRONT VIEW DRAWING (Translation table with errors shown.)


KB ID: DD3179790

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