Customer saying Ayuda software is showing offline, computer and all other equipment is running with remote connection


  • Customer saying Ayuda/Splash Player software is offline
  • No Communication Failures in IDM
  • Able to connect to all equipment remotely


  • 3rd party Ayuda/Splash Player


  • Ayuda software not connecting to its upper level servers


  • Verify IDM is clear of any ISP or power issues
  • We can log into the computer onsite, and view the webcam
    • Verify that content is playing in the computer, and that webcam is showing content playing on the display
  • Close the Splash Player Software and any processes related to their software and management
    • Content will stop playing on computer and the display will be blank
  • Reopen the Splash Player software
    • Start -> Splash Player
  • Have customer verify if now showing connected in Ayuda software?

Work Around

  1. Restart Windows

KB ID: DD3172445

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