How to backup and load presets on Yamaha 01V96 Digital Mixer?


  • How do I backup and load presets on a Yamaha 01V96i Digital Mixer?


  • Yamaha 01V96 Digital Mixer, all versions


  • This applies to both old and new systems. Old systems will need to have the inputs changed to reflect the settings below.
  • Loading 01V96i Memory.pdf
  • Follow instruction in Loading 01V96i Memory.
    • For older mixers that are not the 01V96i version, do not use the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver link, it is only for updated 01V96i mixers.  Search the Yamaha website for 01V96VCM or 01V96v2, depending on the model present.  Locate the downloads section and select the USB-MIDI Driver for your computers operating system. 
    • Instructions for older 01v96 mixers may vary slightly, it is recommended to follow instructions in the specific mixer manual and editor manual available from Yamaha's website if these instructions do not work as intended.
  • If factory default file is being loaded, verify that once the 01V is programmed, the analog inputs are routed into the mixer as follows.
    • Inputs 1-5 should be fine
    • Inputs 6 and 7 should be open
    • Input 8 will be the crowd mic if there is one
    • Input 9 is set up for the video input
    • Input 10 is set up for the customer music computer
    • Input 11 is set up for CD player, the CD player will need to be set to MONO output, only use the left output and route to input 11
    • Input 12-16 are open.
  • This will have three presets that can be activated using the User Defined keys on the mixer; OFF, GAME, PRE-GAME.
  • Some labeling on the mixer may need to be updated to show the new input connections.

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