NewTek TriCaster taking a long to time to boot up.


  • TriCaster is taking several minutes to boot up.
  • After booting up, it takes several minutes to launch a Live Desktop session.


  • NewTek TriCaster
    • Models: 8000, 860, 460, 410, TC-1


  • Hard drive is fragmented.


Run a defrag (note: DO NOT perform this during an event or before an event as this can take while - up to several hours depending on amount of files and fragmentation).

NewTek recommends defragmenting a TriCaster every 60 days to improve performance and regain space.

  1. Exit out of the Live Desktop (upper left File >> Exit).
  2. Click on the Back arrow from the Launch Live Desktop screen.
  3. Click Shutdown and select Administrator Mode

          Step 1.png

     4.  Under System Utilities on the bottom left, select Defragment all Drives.


KB ID: DD3168218

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