How to Download Postseason Stats through GameDay Baseball


  • How do I download Postseason Stats through GameDay Baseball?


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  1. GameDay Baseball provides options to download regular season, playoff, or current series stats for the game.
  2. The selection is done using the drop-down box next to the Start season stats[1].jpg
  3. Choose from Playoff Stats, Regular Season Stats, or Series Stats, and then click Start.
  4. Any RTD fields that were made to show season stats will show the data chosen in this drop down. Any fields created to show game stats will still show the current game. 

Note: The Regular Season Stats option can be used for the first game of the playoffs to keep the stats from being all zeros. With this option selected, new stats entered during playoff games will NOT be updated in the regular season totals. You will either have all zeroes that update throughout the game or regular season stats that will not update. Current game stats are not affected.


  • This video will take you through the process of how to download season and career stats for MLB and MiLB into formats used in conjunction with DakStats and DMP-7000 and DMP-8000 systems.

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