Cannot update Stats for a doubleheader in DakStats; Game is corrupt

Potential ​​Symptoms

  • First part of doubleheader is completed and stats will not update in the second game.
  • Already entered stats in the second game and first game is completed.
  • Customer created second game from scratch.​​


  • Product Family: Sport Software ​​
  • Product: GameDay Baseball, DakStats Baseball 
  • Components:
  • Control System: Professional Baseball 


  • Stats are already entered and game has become corrupt.


  1. Delete second game Play by Play (PbP).
  2. Re-download games from GameDay.​
  3. Delete the re-created first game, the Not-started PbP only, not the Box Score.
  4. Change the dates if necessary.

KB ID: DD3143079

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