What is the best practice for configuring analog and DVI outputs in the TriCaster Studio?


  • What is the best practice for configuring analog and DVI outputs in the TriCaster Studio?


  • TriCaster Studio
  • This article explains the procedure for configuring outputs on the TriCaster Studio.  This will explain the process needed when you plug in an external source (Ex:  Camera, DVD Player, Deck) into the TriCaster computer.


Set up the Video Inputs

When setting up the video inputs on a TriCaster computer this procedure assumes that you will be using composite video inputs.  Daktronics also recommends using the "3 input setup" under the product mode.

1.  First push the power button on the TriCaster computer. 

Note:  When you first start up the TriCaster Computer it will automatically launch into the "Live Production"  interface.

2.  Next click on the X in the top right hand corner of the TriCaster interface

3.  Once in "Administrator Mode" Click Configure TriCaster.

4.  Verify the following settings.


  • Normal Screen 4x3
  • 3 Input ISO Mode





​5.  Click Launch TriCaster to enter back into the TriCaster Live Production interface.

6.  Under the Live Production tab, select Input Setup.



7.  Under the Input Setup click the Input drop down.  Select Input 1. 


8.  Under Type choose the appropriate input type (Ex:  Composite, Component, S-Video).
Note:  Make sure that the "Live Set" button is not selected if you are not intending to use the keying function.

9.  Repeat steps 6 - 9 for each input used.

Set up DVI Output

1.  With the TriCaster system powered off, plug in the DVI Cable to the back of the TriCaster computer.  Plug the other end into the DCI input on the video processor (ex:  V-Link 1500, VIP 4060).

Note:  The DVI signal is not "hot swappable".  That is, the input cannot be plugged in and recognized by the operating system while it is turned on.

2.  Under Live Production mode select the External tab.

3.  Under the Output to VGA select the Resolution drop down.


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