No display on startup DMP-8000, screen locked

Potential Symptoms

  • Display is blank after pushing power button/reset on DMP.
  • Venus Control Suite (VCS) may show DMP online and content is displaying but sign is blank.
  • Connecting to DMP with VNC or Bomgar display shows the system is locked and asking for password. 


  • DMP-8000 video player.


  • Login screen upon reboot blocking video. Power button on DMP-8000 has two default states; hold for power down and tap for sleep. Due to the recessed nature of the button when you think you have turned off the DMP-8000 you have put it to sleep. The default sleep setting shows the login screen upon wake up. This will cause video to not be displayed.


  • Check power options -> choose what closing the lid does (system settings) in the control panel and change the "When I press the power button" from sleep to shutdown.
  • Can also switch the sleep mode to not require logon.
  • Also check under advanced settings and be sure to set "Hibernation" setting to '0' (for never).

KB ID: DD3108912

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