How Do I Manually Edit Season Stats in DakStats Baseball


  • How do I manually edit season stats in DakStats Baseball?​


  • Product Family: Sports Products
  • Product: DakStats Baseball, GameDay Baseball - players have missing/incorrect stats
  • Components: 
  • Control System:​ Professional Baseball


  1. Once the GameDay Baseball download is complete, open the day's game in DakStats Baseball
  2. Fill in the lineups for both teams.
  3. Right click on the player in the roster who needs changes, and select Edit Season Stats.

Step 2.png 

      4.  Once the edit box has opened, you can single click on the area(s) that need modification and enter in the correct stats.
           Double clicking on the field will increase the field value by one.


      5.  Once all changes have been made, click OK to return to play by play mode

      6.  Normally you would edit season stats in the Box score Game Totals, but the above method allows you to make a quick correction.



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