Windows 10 Update Notice – What Do Daktronics Customers Need To Know?


  • What do Daktronics customers need to know about Windows 10 upgrade?


  • Product Family: Integration
  • Product: Window 7 based products
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus 7000 software, Show Control Software, DSTI Software


Microsoft announced that on July 29, 2015 they would release Windows 10 Operating System. For those using Windows 7 or Windows 8 there will be no charge from Microsoft to upgrade, but like all upgrades, consider your software platforms and the impact on your various programs.

The new Windows 10 Operating System (OS) may offer enhanced features for non-Daktronics applications, however, Daktronics identified several incompatibilities with the new environment that causes Daktronics software to have limited to no functionality with current control system platform.

Daktronics strongly advises our customers to NOT upgrade their systems to Windows 10 in order to maintain the functionality and integration of the various components in the control system. In the event a customer chooses to upgrade to Windows 10, any service response needed to back date the system will not be provided under Daktronics warranty.

Please verify compatibility with technical support before doing any operating system updates.


  • What programs have been tested with Windows 10?

    • Venus 1500 V4.22 and Vanguard V4.25 or newer are supported as of 3/28/2016.
    • Show Control V2.0.xx and above supports Windows 10 as of 2/15/2017
    • Daktronics Scoring and Timing Interface - DSTI: Version or newer
    • DakTennis Version 3.1.2 or newer
    • OmniSport 2000 Pro Swimming or newer
    • DMP-8000 version 8 or newer.
  • Which programs won't work if I upgrade to Windows 10?

  • Help! I have accidentally upgraded, how can I get back to my old operating system?

    • Microsoft has a built in backup option and after upgrading an option should be available to revert back to your old operating system. This can potentially clear any setting, content, or configuration you have on your machine which may require Daktronics support to set up again. This work may incur cost as it is not covered as part of our standard warranty or service/support plan.

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