What is the best practice for exporting Final Cut Pro® Content for DMP-7000?


  • What is the best practice for exporting Final Cut Pro® Content for DMP-7000?


This guide explains recommended procedure settings required for proper exporting (rendering) of AVI files from Final Cut Pro®

  • Final Cut Pro®
  • Virtual Dub
  • DMP-7000


1.  Exporting Files

1.  Final Cut Pro® does not currently allow for exporting work in uncompressed AVI format. 

2.  For content created in Final Cut Pro export as Quick Time (.mov) file
File>Export> as QuickTime Conversion

2.  Virtual Dub

1.  Virtual Dub is free video encoding software used to convert files. Refer to How to Uncompress Video Files Using Virtual Dub, DD1547642 for information on how to acquire.

File>Open Video File…
2.  Browse to the location of desired content and select that file. Click Open.

Video> Frame Rate
3.  Ensure the file is the appropriate frame rate: 29.97 FPS. Click OK.

Video> Compression
4.  Ensure uncompressed RGB/YCbCr is selected. Click OK.

Video> Full Processing Mode (ensure this option is selected)

 rendering 7000 adobe premier6.png

5.  File>Save as AVI

Delegate a *filename and destination

*Filenames used in DMP-7000 must be 32 characters or less.

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