What is the best practice for exporting Adobe Premiere® Content for DMP-7000?


  • What is the best practice for exporting Adobe Premiere® Content for DMP-7000?


This guide explains recommended procedure settings required for proper exporting (rendering) of AVI files from Adobe Premier.

  • Adobe Premiere®
  • DMP-7000


1.  Ensure Content is Created in the Appropriate Sign Size

For best quality, create the composition using project settings that reflect the same pixel dimensions as the window in which the content will be displayed. This example will demonstrate creating content for a display with a window size of 96x224 pixels.

1.  File> New>Sequence
Settings Tab – Select Custom in the Editing Mode drop-down list
Type in width and height of display window
Width = width of display window
Height = height of display window
Ensure all other settings are as they appear here.
2.  Click OK.
rendering 7000 adobe premier1.png

2.  Ensure All Video Footage is De-Interlaced

It is recommended that all video footage (any footage acquired from a camera) be de-interlaced prior to exporting. Leaving video interlaced may cause undesirable flickering or lines through the picture on the video display.


1.  Once video footage is imported into project: Right-click on the video file in the timeline and choose Field Options…

rendering 7000 adobe premier2.png 

2.  Choose Always Deinterlace. Click OK.

rendering 7000 adobe premier3.png 

3.  Export (Render) the Composition

*Always save work before exporting


1.  Ensure proper work area is select in the timeline. Yellow tabs designate the work area.

rendering 7000 adobe premier4.png 

2.  Export> Media (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M)

    • Format: AVI
    • Preset: Custom
    • Comments: Leave Blank
    • Delegate file name* and destination
    • Ensure Export Video box is checked
    • Ensure Export Audio box is Unchecked
    • Video Tab
    • Video Codec: None
    • Width: Width of display window
    • Height: Height of display window
    • Frame Rate: 29.97
    • Field Order: Lower First
    • Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
    • Render at Maximum Depth box: Unchecked
    • Depth: 24 bit
      • *Filenames used in DMP-7000 must be 32 characters or less.
  • rendering 7000 adobe premier5.png

3.  Click Export.

Note: The time this process takes varies based on file size and computer speed. Smaller projects may finish exporting within seconds while larger files may take up to several minutes or even hours to complete this process.

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