How can Independent Leagues using Pointstreak Display Statistics?


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Pointstreak Systems Incorporated (PSI) is the official baseball statistics provider for independent baseball leagues.  Independent baseball teams run PSI play-by-play statistics software at their games to capture and transmit game statistics to PSI for their website, etc.  Teams have been asking how to get statistics from PSI onto their displays and avoid manual data entry and typos, in addition to saving valuable time.  Interested teams include the St. Paul Saints, Kansas City T-Bones, Winnipeg Goldeyes, Lancaster Barnstormers and Joliet Slammers.  Thus, prior to the 2015 baseball season, Daktronics investigated how best to interface with PSI in order to provide stats for their displays and an improved production workflow to save time and money


PointStreak Capabilities

  • PSI's system is designed to drive webcasts and data for out-of-stadium use and not for live in-stadium scoreboard purposes.  There are two major problems with a direct interface to PSI…

    1. Delays – Since they are primarily driving content to audiences outside the stadium, i.e. webcast, it does not matter to the viewer if a play updates 10 seconds to a minute after the play occurs.  However, for in-stadium, this will not work.  Fans expect "real-time" data when viewing in-stadium displays.
    2. Workflow – This is actually the larger of the two problems.  In the world of independent baseball, wasting time and money need to be avoided.  Due to the way that PSI delivers statistical content, it would cause the operators to create, edit, and maintain graphics for each player.  Daktronics offers much faster and simpler methods to their MLB and MiLB customers.  Using these defined methods, it is estimated that Daktronics could save a team hours per game of production time!

Recommended Solution and Workflow


Instead of directly displaying PSI data, it was decided to import the PSI data into DakStats and then use DakStats to drive the "statistical show".  Before each game, game rosters and season-to-date statistics files from PSI are downloaded into DakStats using an automated process.  Upon completion, operators are ready to set starting lineups and go…Pointstreak Baseball Integration Update 2015.png

Advantages to using DakStats…

  • Content Creation - Operators make one player template vs. making a graphic for each player…
  • Show Control - Operators make one current player button vs. making buttons for each player…
  • Pre-Game – Automatically download rosters and season-to-date statistics from PSI…
  • Avoid embarrassment from mistakes and typos associated with manual data entry…
  • Opens up the door to using other Daktronics graphics like scoreboard and spray charts...
  • Operation – Allows you to keep the same number of operators or have less that you had prior…
  • Real-time stats available anytime, no waiting for the stats to update from PSI.
NOTE: when following this method, remember to delete the previous games in the DakStats schedule, as old, uncompleted games in the schedule can interfere with the current Box Total from Pointstrea​k. ​

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