What do the Gyrus driver LED indicators mean?


  • What do the diagnostic LED indicators on the Gyrus driver tell me?


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • Component: Gyrus Driver
  • Control System: All Sport Console


  1. Reference the below drawing to identify where the listed LED's are located on the driver. 
    1. DS8 - Power - This led should be on solid and indicates power to the driver is present.
    2. DS2 - Run - This led should be flashing at 1 second intervals and indicates the logic of the driver is functioning correctly.
    3. DS1 - 232/Radio -
      1. All Sport Radios
        1. This led will function the same for both the Gyrus (6 pin) or Legacy (5 pin m-n-l) radios. 
        2. When the driver is first powered on this led will stay on solid for 5 seconds, then the led will be flashing at 1 second intervals as long as a radio is connected to the driver and a wireless All Sport console is not communicating with the scoreboard radio.
        3. When a wireless All Sport console is communicating with the scoreboard radio, this led will flash/flickering very fast.
        4. If wired signal is present, DS5 will illuminate and DS1 will turn off.
      2. RC-100 Base Station - This led will flash on and off once in 5-10 seconds of power up and should be solid on after 12 seconds and remain solid on as long as a handheld is not connected to the base station.
        1. When a handheld is connected to the base station this led will flash/flicker very fast.
    4. DS5 - CL RX - This led will be on solid when wired signal from an All Sport console is connected.

Gyrus driver leds.png 


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